Giant Get Knotted (Twister)   £40

Get Knotted is a giant party game. Throw the two inflatable dice to see which body part you have to place on which coloured flower. The more players you have the more knotted you are likely to become. However, beware that if you fall down you are out of the game.

Flying Disc Target Game    £40

Set your distance and throw the frisbee at the target.  The closest disc to the centre of the target score the most points.

A great competitive garden game for all the family.


Connect 4 (4 in a row)    £40

Players take turns to drop a disk down a chute, the aim being for a player to get four disks in a row, diagonally, horizontally or vertically.

Four in a Row takes seconds to learn but is good fun and the giant Connect 4 games make a fantastic centrepiece for a party, wedding or any event.


Giant Skittles   £40

Whether at home or at a party, take advantage of the sun and play with this Skittles Set. It features 10 wooden  skittles and two balls in a handy zip-up carry bag.

Great fun for all the family.

Giant Dominos   £40

A classic game of skill that’s fun to play with family or friends.  28 durable lightweight EVA foam dominoes. Suitable for 2 or more players. Ideal for playing outdoor.

Giant Jenga   £40

Take the addictive building game outside with this giant Jenga game, suitable for all the family and ideal for the garden

The giant tower Jenga style garden game is fun to play with family or friend.

Giant LUDO   £40

Play the great game of Ludo outside with this giant version.  This classic game of luck comes with everything needed to play including a board, 16 counters of 4 different colours, die and cup.

A great game for 2 – 4 players, Ludo is great fun for all the family.

Giant Pick Up Sticks  £40

The traditional favourite Pick Up Sticks game in Giant form. Great fun for the back garden and children’s parties. 30 coloured wooden sticks 0.9m in length included.

Giant Snakes and Ladders  £40

Great fun for the back garden or children’s parties, here’s the old game of Snakes and Ladders in a giant size. In this version – there are no counters – YOU jump from square to square, climb up the ladders and slide down the snakes!!

Rounders  £40

The ideal Rounders set for all ages and all locations.

The soft core ball is ideal for youngsters giving a softer and more comfortable feel when making the catch. The set includes 4 wooden stumps for creating the Rounders field

Sack Racing  £40

Relive schooldays by racing in our specially designed adult sized sacks. (children can use them too!)  Each of the 5 sacks in the pack is brightly coloured and named for added rivalry: Fireball, Dozy, Fever, Wired and Mad Dog.

Each sack is made from the best quality jute material, and has double stitching with the strongest thread available, making them tough and durable.

Giant Tin Can Alley  £40

Garden Games Tin Can Alley features 10 x individually numbered red tin cans with white numerals. Stack them up and see if you can knock ’em all down in one throw.

A great game for the family to enjoy in the garden or indoors.